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Anger Therapy Unpacked box and contents spread across blue tabletop

Unpacking ANGER

Looking to examine the triggers behind your Anger? Want to discover ways to understand difficult feelings? Our Anger Therapy Unpacked box (£18.99) is here to help...


24 Cards in every pack


Reflect on a topic in easy to read bite-sized chunks


Create a bespoke pack with the cards most relevant for you


Use the cards as a starting point for difficult conservations with others

Spread of Anger Therapy Unpacked Cards

If you are never angry, then you are unborn.



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Let's talk about Anger

We're on a mission to get more people talking about Anger which is why Anger Therapy Unpacked is our launch project.

Anger affects us all, but we are often shy talking about it and discussing it with others. If you are interested in delving deeper into Anger our first set of Therapy Unpacked workshops are specifically focused on Anger in Families. Register your interest here and we will drop you a line when we launch.

Anger the Ancient Warrior

Sara Godoli the lead psychotherapist on Anger Therapy Unpacked is also a co-author of a children's book on Anger. Anger the Ancient Warrior is an illustrated story and workbook aimed primarily at children aged 8-12. It explains what Anger is and shows how it is something everyone experiences. With interactive CBT workbook activities, the book helps children to transform this feeling into something more positive. It also includes a short guide for adults to help them understand both their child's feelings and their own and to start a conversation about anger together.

Anger is an opportunity for growth

Anger is an inevitable part of life. Don't fear it, let Anger become an opportunity for growth with Therapy Unpacked


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